Doctors, Professionals, specialists & Organizations

your input, YouR expertise and even your stories are valuable

We are actively searching for professionals in a variety of fields to contribute their expertise. The Bald Project is here to provide information and resources of all kinds, and would love your participation.

Some of the types of types of professionals we are looking to connect with include but are not limited to: oncologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, hair stylists, hair loss centers, nurses, non-profits, cold cap providers, insurance companies, wig providers, counselors, and cancer centers just to name a few.

If you are interested contributing to the podcast, website or both, please click through the “ I’M A PROFESSIONAL WITH EXPERTISE TO SHARE “ button to get in touch.


helping is healing

Currently The Bald Project is a one women show. I’m currently seeking some assistance with:
- Previewing the audio of upcoming podcast episodes, and bio’s of participants for quality prior to going live
- Researching specific topics for web content
- Scrubbing the website and applications for grammatical errors or broken links

Future needs:
- Brief video editing lesson from someone who uses Adobe
- Event coordination
- Volunteers for events
- Non-profit board members when the organization is formed


Just want to chat?

There’s a lot going on here. Whether you have questions about the interview process or have feedback about the website and podcasts, the “ CONTACT THE BALD PROJECT “ button is the best way to get a response to general inquiries.