The Interview Process

Because this project will have a video portion some day, each interview is video recorded. Below are the platforms used to conduct interviews and a little bit about each method:

  • ONLINE: Interviews can be conducted through, a web based meeting room. This platform is great for those who ha busy schedules, or who live outside Arizona or even outside the United States. This method does require you to have a laptop, desktop computer or phone with camera access (phone app required). This method takes about 30-45 minutes on average.

  • IN PERSON: With proper planning we can arrange a quiet meeting place to interview. For the interviewee’s convenience, my audio/video set up is mobile. In person interviews can be held anywhere in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Under the right circumstances, traveling anywhere form Tucson up to Flagstaff can be considered. The interview itself takes about 1.5-2 hours from set up to break down.


Outside of the actual interview there are some forms, fine print and photos that need to be considered as a part of the time commitment required by the interviewee. Below is a basic outline of what you can expect if you decide to go forward with the interview process.

Step 1 - Fill out Interview Application

Step 2 - Brief phone call to cover: interview next steps, expectations and go over highlights of your story (10-20 minutes)

Step 3 - Set up the interview day & time
Consent & Release Form
Submit personal information
Submit Photos
Practice your introduction

Step 4 - Interview Day (45 minutes)
Instagram Posts

Step 5 - Podcast & Website Launch

From the time an application is received, through the interview, to getting the podcast episode launched and website updated, average of 10-15 hours is spent on each interviewee’s content. Because of this, I respectfully ask that all requested information is submitted in full, as it truly helps keep the process moving smoothly. If you have questions prior to filling out the application, please contact me in the “Questions & Comments” section on the previous page.